Xrosswater manufactures floating walkways, floating platforms, floating piers, floating docks, floating islands, floating pontoons, floating bridge, marine platform and floating jetties for use on wetlands, swamps, tailing dams, mine dewatering and aquatic industrial marine applications. 25 years of hands-on experience in the industrial marine and mining environment helped define the engineering and design uniqueness of the Xrosswater system. Manufactured in USA, Europe and soon Canada following strict quality control program, we offer a pre-fabricated floating structure that is extremely versatile, immensely strong, light, and made to last in the industrial marine environment.

All the components of the Xrosswater floating water walkways are pre-formed, pre-drilled and freighted in custom crates with all necessary fasteners and tools included, facilitating rapid assembly and quick deployment anywhere in the world. Projects completed in Sub-Sahara Africa, Amazon jungle, northern Canada, and in the mountains deep in Asia.

Xrosswater floating walkway Are...

Xrosswater pipe supports

Strong, Safe, and Secure

The Xrosswater manufacturers meet numerous ISO certification criteria. The Xrosswater system utilizes material designed to withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in mining , oil, and industrial marine applications. Xrosswater is proud to deliver a unique, long-lasting product at a price unrivaled by others.

Multiple Configurations

Our patented design is multi-configurable, allowing assembly SIDE2SIDE, END2SIDE, and END2END. Whether the need is a walkway, dock, jetty, pier, pipe supports, pump platforms, pivot walkway, or work platforms, Xrosswater can offer a solution.

The products ingenious patented design allows the sections to be assembled

Side To Side
End To Side
End To End
PIVOT WALKWAYS that can snake and follow dredgers are in use IN OIL SANDS CANADA are fitted with LED LIGHT, DEICERS AND CABLE TRAYS and can operate at -40F

For low/high pH water, a corrosion-proof walkway that utilizes stainless steel fittings and FRP material is available.

Xrosswater's HMWPE floats have been tested below -40 °C in a military-certified laboratory to ensure that no cracking, shattering, or deforming occurs when in locations that have extremely low or high temperatures, whether in Africa or the Artic. Performance is guaranteed with integral strength and rigidity maintained.


Modern cutting edge material and innovative design offer unrivaled resistance to the Xrosswater floating walkway when exposed to high UV, petroleum, and chemical solutions.

The Xrosswater floating walkway or floating pontoon can be delivered pre-assembled or in a ready-to-assemble (RTA) format, pre-cut and pre-drilled for no-nonsense, fast assembly. 2 x semi-skilled trained fitters can assemble 1 x 3m x 1.5m in 20 minutes. Please ask for our assembly video or view it on www.xrosswater.com

Xrosswater uses tamper-proof bolts and intricate design deter loss through theft or incorrect assembly.

When the project that requires the Xrosswater walkway, dock platform, or floating structure is no longer required, Xrosswater walkways are recyclable. Customers recover around 20% of the purchase price, making Xrosswater a better value when considering the long-term value.

Xrosswater the only floating structure that is Bulk Shippable

Xrosswater floating walkways are available for bulk shipping around the world.
  • 1ft x 40ft (12m) container = Ready to assemble, 600m long x 1.5m wide
  • 1ft x 20ft (6m) container = Ready to assemble, 270m long x 1.5m wide
So whether the requirement is a walkway, a cable support, a pipe supports, a pump platform, or work platform (up to 500kg p/m fully supported), Xrosswater can offer an affordable solution. On-site assembly set-up and training is offered.




Initiated in 1998, Xrosswater pioneered the use of floating walkways on mine tailing dams, dredging, and industrial marine applications around the world. We have also delivered more than 12,000 meters to some of the world's largest mining and mineral corporations in Africa, Asia, and South and North America.

The Xrosswater floating walkways, floating platforms, floating jetties, floating pontoon and other products are proudly manufactured in the USA and Europe. (WB Have US / EU flag waiving)

PATENT NO; US D 589,429 S / SAA2006/0153 / PCT/GB2007/000489 / US29/323,219 / CAN 129,701 / USA D643, 445