Projects Completed

Our latest completed floating walkway projects are listed below. We have worked on floating walkways on a myriad of projects, including mining tailing ponds, oil tailings reservoirs, hydro mining, dredging and dewatering projects, the Xrosswater floating walkway system is applicable to many different scenarios.

Fairbreeze mine

New Titanium Mine in Kwazulu Natal South Africa. This floating walkway project was semi assembled and shipped to South Africa in 6 container with FRP handrails anchors and chain supplied.


Marampa Iron Ore Mine

Another exciting project in Sierra Leone Wast Africa. Delivered in a ready to assemble component form and assembled by local work force. Average build rate was 10 x 3m sections per day and completed just before Ebola epidemic started.


Jack Pipe Mine Albion Oil Sand

600 meters of floating walkway with cable trays, additional buoyancy chamber for stability and weight control, lights all delivered and launched ?ON TIME? on 50ft flatbed trucks to Ft McMurray at -25F.


Albion Oil Sands

60 meters of floating walkway with Cable trays, lights and stability buoyancy for another pump / dredging operation in Ft McMurray.


Water Reservoir in Algeria Africa

A 417m floating walkway and one large pump platforms designed to pump water from a reservoir dam on the edge of the Sahara in Algeria to irrigate the local farm fields in the dry season.


Oil Sand Dredging

500m of floating walkway serving a dredging operation with cable trays, deicers, additional buoyancy chamber for stability and weight control, lights and delivered ?ON TIME? on 50ft flatbed trucks to Ft McMurray at -25F.


Debswana Diamond Mine

810m with a floating platform at far end for Jwaneng diamond tailings pond.A further 270 meters was delivered 2 years later for an additional tailings dam.


Peruvian amazon

500m delivered from Delaware to Lima by container ship, from Lima to Pucallpa by truck, by barge to the river to the Amazon and unloaded on the side of the Amazon. Lifted by helicopter 18 miles into the Jungle to polluted site in the Yanuyacu reserve in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.
Projects pending in Senegal, Nigeria, Canada, Botswana, South Africa

Features and Benefits

Our walkways allow teams to access key pieces of equipment, thereby allowing operations to continue. They are also environmentally friendly because each one can be easily disassembled after use and the aluminum parts are recyclable.

The unique product design means the Xrosswater floating walkways are very easy to assemble by local client operations teams. The ability to flat pack and bulk ship the walkways is significant as the products can be shipped to any location in a cost-effective manner, which realizes tremendous cost savings for clients.

If you wish to learn more about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Xrosswater works with a number of suppliers and engineering Firms