A floating walkway structure that is easy to assemble and can be delivered worldwide

At Xrosswater our floating walkways are fast and simple to assemble, with components pre-drilled to a precision of 0.5mm. Each floating platform takes 20 minutes to construct by semi-skilled fitters. On-site assembly set-up and training is offered.
  • Pivot floating walkway to follow dredgers
  • Quick assembly with easy-to-follow pictorial instructions
  • Multiple configurations – platforms, docks, pontoons, jetties, piers, and walkways
  • End-to-end, side-to-side, and end-to-side assembly configurations
  • Optional structural frame fittings with quick assembly brackets
Walkway with grating on dry tailings

Multiple Configurations

Our patented design is multi-configurable, allowing assembly SIDE2SIDE, END2SIDE, and END2END. We offer a solution whether the need is a walkway, pipe supports, pump platforms, pivot walkway, or work platforms.
Walkway with grating on dry tailings

Global Shipping

The Xrosswater floating walkway is produced in component form and can be crated and shipped to any location in the world, whether in landlocked Africa, in the tundra of northern Canada, on the edge of the Sahara, the mountains in Asia, or deep in the Amazon jungle. Xrosswater has walkway installations at these locations to support various applications. We supply floating platforms for tailing, hydro mining, dredging, and more.

  • Delivery to any major port worldwide
  • Bulk shipping: 250m (800ft) x 1.5m in a 1x6m (20ft) container
  • or more than 600m (1920ft) in a 1x12m container
  • Packed 21mx1.5m per crate, entire floating walkway structure is air transport ready
  • Pre-shipment quality and quantity inspection offered by SGS, Lloyds, or Coteca
Xrosswater floating walkways are packed for export in a ready-to-assemble (RTA) format in crates containing approximately 21 meters. All delivered materials are pre-cut and pre-drilled, with tools, bolts and fittings with an assembly manual and CD video.

If the floating walkway is to be pre-assembled prior to delivery, we can fit approximately 100m (330ft) of Xrosswater pre-assembled walkway into a 12m (40ft) shipping container. The handrails and grid sections would need to be attached once delivered.

Pre-shipment inspection of Xrosswater floating system improves the speed of customs clearance upon arrival at the destination port especially in 2nd and 3rd world countries.